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Ignacio Gallego Alemany

World's first Baseline EBT Manager

Ignacio has lead the way on best-practice EBT/CBTA implementation. He's been credited with significant input into the EASA EBT 2021/002/R regulation, IATA EBT Core Group and has trained over 200 instructors to best practice EBT principles. He is a Senior TRE with over 25 years airline training experience.


Andy Mitchell BEng, FRAeS

EBT/CBTA data & implementation expert

Andy has been involved in EBT & CBTA for the past 5 years, supporting airlines and regulators in adopting and aligning on global best practices. He is a member of the IATA EBT Core Group and is a specialist in data-driven, performance based regulation. He has over 10,000 hours on the Airbus A320 in a variety of training roles.


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